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Ping Post

Lead Management Software, Made to Perform Well

So many software are available but this is tough to get to know that which software is worth to trust on. Enterprise Lead is also one of the lead management software providing companies but there is a difference between the services of this company and the offered services of other lead management software providing companies. We provide ping post system which is based on highly advanced technology and able to provide promising results. This software is available with built-in bidding technology. It provides its services for sales assessment, lead delivery and bid management. It provides the information of the issues of lead sellers and lead buyers. We provide you maximum opportunities for lead selling and buying them. Our services help you in making all trading easy and profitable in all the ways.


Can you imagine the pain, when you need one important phone number and you are finding that in the spreadsheet of around thousands of contact numbers. Just imagine how much important time and energy you will kill in it. Lead management software of Enterprise Lead helps in saving your this time and energy through its smart working process. It cleans the useless and dead contact numbers. You will not get wrong contact information after arranging your data by ping post. It removes the information about the disconnected contact numbers also. Such process helps you in getting good quality leads. This technology maintains all the leads in a common format which come from various sources. Its fast services help the sales team in getting leads for nurturing them and other further process.


The great quality validation process of lead management system provides the original leads every time. It manages everything in a way which avoids all the chances of getting duplicate leads. This software informs you which advertising is not producing expected results and it manages only those which are better in campaigning. This software is very useful in managing marketing campaigns.

Lead management software of Enterprise Lead helps in managing bids successfully. You can get the view of submitted responses of bids so that you can easily make a wise decision and get the lead. The budget of using the services of ping post also helps in managing the budget of your other expenses because you get such services on very competitive rates.

You get data reporting tools from us to manage your data in a proper way. You can manage sales forecast by ping post. You can manage the data of the campaigns which has been run through emails. In this campaign we provide the information about the services of company to the prospective leads through email and we maintain the contact with them on the regular basis. If the prospective leads ask anything we provide the replay of their mail on the priority basis.


Proper maintaining of the data of quality leads helps in improving the efficiency of sales through the fresh leads. This technology is capable of identifying the right source of getting good number of sales. Ping post maintains everything in a way you get good sales. It tracks the response the emails and maintains the data of it so that the company can get the benefit this data till the long period of time. It takes the services of network hardware, local servers, several software and data centre staffs.

You can get to know about the followed up leads and the leads which are still remain to follow up. This information helps in getting the idea about remain targeted leads so that you can focus on them to get real sales.

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